Some of our more recent client feedback from Twitter, blogs and anywhere else we've found them on the 'Net!

Google Reviews:

Natalie Juhasz
Always a wonderful experience, the staff are wonderful and they make your hair design experience very collaborative. Been going there 10 years.

Melanie Hatton
I've been getting my hair done by Cass for the last 4 years & i can't recommend her service enough :) fantastic dreadlock specialist...wouldn't change at all unless she moved interstate haha fantastic service & great to talk too ?

Tara Benson
Saw Cass for colour and extensions. She was amazing and I'm beyond happy with the service!

This is the best place ever for get dreadlocks or/and awesome colouration or haircut in Melbourne ! (Honestly, in the World) My head was a huge mess... and now look awesome ! I had colouration, dreadlocks creation, dreadlocks maintenance and extensions by Cass which is the master of the dreadlocks ! She is using special tools making everything much more faster and less painful ! The prices are really reasonable and the ambiance is really friendly with really nice people ! Good team who can give you any advices or recommendations ! (I really like the music as well haha) I wish I can put more than 5 stars ! I strongly recommend this place !!

Marine ?????

Dashpal Shergill
Great experience .... loved my hair colour.
Very friendly and dedicated team ????

Time Out https://www.timeout.com/melbourne/shopping/wildilocks

While dreadlocks are her speciality, Wildilocks stylist Cass is pretty nifty with undercuts and shaved patterns, and has even been known to do beard extensions. If you're ready for a bright fuschia rinse or want a full head of seapunk aqua, this is the place to go, as Cass insists their colouring tecniques last the longest and do minimum damage to clients' hair.


Posse: http://posse.com/place/AU/West%20Melbourne/Wildilocks

Jillian McEwan:
Best alternative hairdressers in Melb! Fab staff, great colours& also specialize in dreds!


WOMOW https://www.wordofmouth.com.au/reviews/wildilocks-west-melbourne

5 reviews about Wildilocks
#101 in Point Cook VIC
1 review
10% trust
400 points
30 Aug 2014
These guys are amazing and super talented.

Iv has synethic dreads done in Sydney and I thought they were ok but my new ones from wildilocks are fab. I really appreciate the fact that they listen to what you are after and actually make suggestions and give great advice.

I have had people stop my in the street just to compliment me on my hair. I highly recommend them.

#167 in Melbourne CBD VIC
2 reviews
80% trust
500 points
22 Aug 2014
I love this place, I've been a return customer since 2005 when it was Cass coming over from perth to do Extensions by appointment. Always buy my hair dye products from here, it's one of the few places that I return to regularly as they are just amazing! great service, great advice, and super talented.
So glad that they opened up in Melbourne, I wish they still had the city store but it's definitely worth the trip there no matter where they are located.

#35 in Ashburton VIC
1 review
60% trust
200 points
28 Sep 2011
I've been to this salon three or four times, and every time I go in, I have a brilliant time.
The staff are relaxed and friendly, and the things they do to my hair are magical!
I've had a few different people do my hair, and have been thrilled with the results each time.

I've never felt so comfortable and happy in a salon before and I have no plans to go anywhere else.

1 review
60% trust
200 points
20 May 2011
New hair from @wildilocks ! I luhhhv it! http://ow.ly/4S2bn #awesomehair #Don'tworryIcanactuallyspell

#48 in Hampton East VIC
32 reviews
100% trust
1775 points
21 Jan 2010
I did not go for anything related to hair - instead, I wanted to purchase some Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume. As far as I know, they're the only store in Melbourne that is a distributor of these perfumes.

First I contacted them via e-mail, and the communication was great. The price for the perfume are more expensive than you'd get over the internet, but that is the price for having it in a store!

When I went to the shop to make my purchase, the staff were friendly and helpful. I could even smell the perfumes in the tester bottles and try them on! Their stock of BPAL was somewhat limited - they have the some of the Retail Exclusive Salon series, the Steamworks series, certain Ars Amatoria scents and popular scents such as Snake Oil, Embalming Fluid. Mind you, BPAL has literally hundreds of perfumes, so it's only reasonable for their stock to be limited.

Sadly they did not have the bottle of O that I wanted (they normally do), but I walked away with a bottle of Mouse's Long & Sad Tale, very happy with the helpfulness of the staff.

Approximate cost: $30.00

Sarah writes (in email, 2011):
My Wildilocks appointment was a present from my husband. I have had SUCH bad luck with hairdressers in the past that he really wanted to spoil me and get me something awesome. I was SO not disappointed!

The end result was exactly what I asked for and Adele took the time with me to give me the best haircut and style I have ever had. She even curled it for me and finished the style even thought I knew she was desperate to get home and relax which I so greatly appreciated.

The other girls were fantastic as well. I cant remember their names but the girl with the funky green hair was really lovely, same for the with the crazy hair and accent and the trainee who washed my hair was super sweet.

Wanted you guys to know how much I appreciated my time with everyone, what a great job Adele did and to congratulate the Perth team for being such badasses.

Sharon writes (in email, 2011):
Hi, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for my wonderful cut and colour yesterday at the Perth salon.

Your salon was my first Group Buying experience and I will admit that being quite conservative I was a little nervous on arrival. But the girls made me feel very comfortable and Izzy, my stylist, was fantastic. She actually listened to my hair issues and in the end I walked out with a fantastic colour and style. Coming after a bout of illness involving hair loss it made me feel like a real and attractive person again.

I will definitely be a repeat customer, albeit a conservative one!

Thankyou Wildilocks

@wildilocks - loving my new undercut thanks to your Wellington salon. Cheers! http://twitpic.com/4ga4rv

Heh, @fluffylilbunny & I just ordered the cutest little kitten ears from @Wildilocks for the #SpankBall2011! Purple & hot pink :-D

Would kill for a steampunk hairstyle from Wellington's @wildilocks - and I have an atomic particle displacer to prove it.

@helenlehndorf @wildilocks quite possibly best hair day of my life!

@thomasbeagle @amiewee @wildilocks was where I bought those cute kitty ears - they do great dreadfalls too.

Thank you @wildilocks it may have hurt like hell for have 2 of you working on my dreads for 3 hours, but THEY LOOK SO LOVELY NOW!!!

Gettin' ma hair did! (@ Wildilocks @ The Lockworks) [pic]: http://4sq.com/fa8gcq

@wildilocks congrats and well done on eq haircut offer i have advised the refugee center downstairs cheers.

I'm such a hairdresser pimp. I think most of my friends go to @wildilocks now...

In other news, I now have a passport with my @wildilocks hair. Gonna have to keep going there for the next ten years. Oh no. *flail*

At Wildilocks, ready for my hair to be awesomofied!! GO HAIR GO!!

is highly considering getting her hair done back to silver blonde when she returns to the city and has access to wildilocks

Curly-haired workmate admires my haircut, looking for decent hairdresser. Sent her to @wildilocks. I have no shame.

That Cass, she does the awesome haircuts that don't look like you had a haircut but your hair looks WAY better. #wildilocksrocks

Looking through the @wildilocks gallery and seriously diggin' some of the looks. Wish I lived in Melb so I could get my hair done!!

@angry_barnet we've been loving @wildilocks - they cut man hair as well and have great magazines and massagy wash chairs

@NovaMcmahon and her technicolour fringe (courtesy of @wildilocks) - ready for Pride #fairday. http://twitpic.com/2vw12e

Every time I go out wearing my cat-ear hat from @wildilocks, I get compliments from random passers-by.

Like my hair at WorldCon? @wildilocks did it!

Had another beautiful day with the @Wildilocks girls. Again I heard "I've found my hairdresser! Thanks nomi" much love

At @wildilocks Melbourne. These girls are fantastic, I'm so glad they went above and beyond to fit me in today. Best service ever.

And some lovely blogs who've given Wildilocks love:

"If you ever pass through Melbourne and Perth and are stopped in your tracks screaming, "OH MY GOD HER HAIR IS FUCKING AMAZING!" it is more than likely because both cities are lucky to have one of the coolest alternative hair salons in Australia, Wildilocks. " ...
--- Hexotica: Wildilocks' Hair Virtuoso

"I just got a touch-up yesterday and am pleased as punch to have vibrant hair again and I can’t recommend Wildilocks enough. I love the girls that work there (I say girls because I haven’t seen a boy work there yet) and the lovely lady that I go to, Kat, is super fun and seriously knows her stuff." ...
--- Fun, funky, alternative hair salon you ask? I say 'Wildilocks'!

"got some hair extensions put in today at some random emo/goth shop that stefee recommended in the city called wildilocks next to boffins and joynt venture on hay? street =) the girl who served me was really friendly and she had wool braids in her hair that went down to her knees!!! =O" ...
--- wildilocks =)

Older Testimonials (pre-Twitter!) are below:


Kate is fantastic. She's delightful to talk to,
did a great job of my hair (pictures and shinies
up as soon as I have some) and most importantly
Locks Works "Trainee" is the first hairdresser
I have seen in 5 years who actually heard me..."

"It's an important part of
life to find a hairdresser who suits your needs.
I found mine today. " (more,
with pics

"I've had hair extensions
done in the UK, Singapore, and random salons in
Melbourne, and none can match the quality and
skills of Wildilocks." (more)

"The attention to the little details, like
really good tea and beautifully scented shampoo
and conditioner for pre and post cuts and dye
washes [the mint conditioner is heavenly] go a
long way as well - they don't cut corners anywhere
and amazingly, the prices are fantastic for what
you get. So, next day and... my hair is in much
better condition than any time i've used ammonia
bleaches, i'm in love with the colour and the
cut is just perfect." (more)

"Its the best haircut I have
ever got I cant recommend LockWorks and Nicole
highly enough. Yey! I love my new me!" (more)

"I adore my new hair, and Kat (Cat?) @ The
Lockworks is now the only hairdresser I shall
have. Never before have I walked into a hairdressers,
blathered some jibberish about what I am going
for, left it to the hairdresser to take care of
it and have it work out how I wanted, but better."

"That looks amazing!!! I wish I'd know about
that hair salon when I got my hair done for the
formal!! Next time I need some victory rolls,
I'm there!" (more)