Hybrid Dread Falls

Hybrid Dread Falls
$60.00 inc.
SKU: SKU00102

No matter the volume, from a budget single bunch of ickle dreads, to a deluxe matched pair of layered dreads - there are dreadfalls for any budget and any degree of outrageousness.

We offer a huge range of options for dread falls, but highly recommend tapered falls - mixing a variety of lengths to achieve volume, height and a lovely tapering effect down to the tips. All Wildilocks dreadlocks have been handcrafted with care and no small degree of elbow grease!

With each single fall or set of falls, we also provide you with installation instructions as well as a dozen spiral pins at no extra cost. These pins make it much easier to put dread falls in and we swear by them - they are generally only available from hairdressing suppliers, not chemists or hair care retailers.

To order, please choose the options you prefer in the drop-downs below, and choose up to 4 colours (please note monitors vary in their display of colours: if an exact colour match is critical, please email us to discuss sending a physical sample of your requested colour/s). Please note that these are a custom item, and production times vary: please check the main page for current turnaround times for production, but they are usually at least 4 weeks. We can accommodate rush orders occasionally, but this may incur an additional cost and you MUST email us prior to placing an order to confirm availability.

Base colours are made from a blend of kanekalon fiber and organic fiber, a high quality protein based fiber, almost 5 times the cost of synthetic fiber - and much better for the environment as they are not produced from petrochemicals. Please note that this has meant a significant price rise from our previous base prices with older materials. While we still use synthetic fibre for accent colours, we are constantly seeking to replace our existing materials with more environmentally friendly alternatives. You can be assured that we will be using the best and cleanest options we can, while still focusing on excellent quality. The new name "hybrid" refers to this combination of materials, similar to hybrid cars which run off a combination of clean and less-clean energy.

Price: $60.00 including GST